Contributors to this internet newspaper will get a link in the blogroll. Contact me at for details.

I’m looking for decent writers to cover the whole spectrum of cannabis-related issues. You’ll submit your stories to me (or publish straight to the site if I make you an author), I might clean up the spelling but nothing else, and if I don’t find something glaringly wrong with the content, I’ll publish it. So contact me today and let’s build this thing right.

Note: You can add your byline to what you post, and have it link to your website. Thank you for being a contributor


-Content must relate to marijuana/cannabis/stoner culture in some way, whether it be a bust story or an opinion piece; even a movie review will fly as long as stoners would enjoy it.

-You must submit at least two pieces a month to stay on the blogroll. I know this is a side project for contributors, and I think 2 posts a month is enough to make sure you’re a “current” contributor. There is no maximum as to the number of submissions you can make.

-You must submit content that is your own; if you’re posting a news story or something someone else created, you must post a link to the source of the material, or it will not be published.

-I reserve the right to categorize your material and add the appropriate tags, as well as correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I also reserve the right to adjust content if it has been taken from another source (I’m not looking to steal or get involved in copyright issues, I just want The Cannabis Post to be THE source of cannabis material and information in the world).

-All final decisions as to what is published (and how it’s published) in The Cannabis Post will be made by the editor and publisher, Joseph Klare (aka The Pothead Pundit, aka Stoner Jesus).

6 Responses to “Contributors”
  1. dadasoniko says:

    Hello, i would like to contribute with you, i speak spanish.
    maybe i could translate some documents, and write about pot culture in my city / country.
    lets talk.

    • dragonfly says:


      are you in argentina? (me encantan los baba sonicos!)

      i am a writer for several pot magazines in north america, and have been invited by THC magazine (buenos aires) to write for them, as well. i have some articles i want to submit, but i need to get them translated into spanish first! think you might be interested? my writing is fun to read! : )

      paz y amor desde arHEMPtina!

  2. Janey says:

    hello i just wanted to give my opinion on pot. I belive pot is a healthy natural substance that can help relive alot of pain. I my self have scoliosis my syattic nerve is pincehed in between my spine and pelvis and ive also been in 4 carwrecks that have hurt my back more. But smoking pot or baking it in a brownie really do help relive my pain. Also everytime i’ve been in a wreck i had not smoked at all. If i drive after smoking i am way more aware and concentrated on driving. Its not that im having withdrawls when i dont smoke its my A.D.D that kicks in. I get distracted easily. But when i smoke it helps me concentrate. I also know alot of people with M.S who smoke to get rid of the pain. Its sad that people abuse these drugs because it could really help people.

  3. Martha Kush says:

    How can i be down?? I love to write.

  4. webmaster says:

    Pot has many health advantages,it does indeed help you concentrate on complex tasks like computing and programming. only when you are just getting to know pot and a newbie ,does the effects seem confusing, while working. Its the only safe drug I know of and, I hate to actually call it a drug,its a plant and a very nice one too! Legalize it,the world will be much better off!.

  5. Jim Hearne says:

    All legal and ethical consideration aside, participating in “The Marimba Trade”, one immerses himself in a culture that is both exotic and dangerous. Few of us have seen this culture from the perspective of the trader, and our preconceived notions of what it is like will fall far short of its actuality. “The Marimba Trade” is a world far removed from our own-a world where moment-to-moment survival depends on using one’s wits, a world where wild animals, armed forces, primitive living conditions all play in making the trade a dangerous one. It is also a world, however, where warm and accepting people, rich in history and culture, make the trade an experience to be gained in no other way. It is an experience that can be shared only by one who has lived it to the fullest and only with those of us who desire knowledge, excitement and adventure.

    Known for “ganja” and bullets…

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