Why Meg Can’t Say ‘Know’

All of the problems of America could be summed up politically after watching last night’s debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. We’re at this point where money covers lies and passionate anger is a substitute for knowledge.

Jerry Brown has his problems and he is a politician. That is being used as a detractor. He has a career in politics. He has a track record. There is video of him being a politician, and in these same videos, there he is being political making decisions based on his occupancy of the particular office he held at the time. Because he is a career politician, he’s held different titles and positions during his career. Check the tape.

Whatever Jerry Brown’s problems are, going for it, dedicating his life for public service shouldn’t be one of the black marks held against him.

That is Meg Whitman’s complaint. Jerry Brown wanted to make a difference and so he went for it.

Meg Whitman also wanted whatever she wanted for herself, and went for it. Because of her efforts, she was able to make lots of money. It doesn’t matter where the money came from or who had to suffer for her to take more than her share. Don’t forget, without the money, there is no Meg Whitman.

So last night during the debate, the subject of Proposition 19 came up. As I’ve stated in previous columns, there isn’t an upside for candidates to come out in favor of Prop. 19. Even the politicians who support it have to downplay their approval.

So Meg brought up how soft on crime Jerry is. And here is my problem, Ms. Whitman stated, “I am against Prop. 19. But don’t ask me, every single law enforcement agent in this state is against Prop. 19.”

This is a complete lie.

I could start with the schoolyard logic that it is almost impossible for every agent in California to be against Prop.19. That would be immature and getting down to Meg’s level.

Here’s the dealio…Why lie? Why not say, I’m against it, Jerry takes bong hits, it’s not for me. I’m voting against it.

At least that would have been honest.

We’ve entered the era of having loads of money means that you can have your own facts.

Yesterday Meg dropped another twenty mill into her campaign, bringing her political treasure chest total to, 141 million dollars. That is how much Meg Whitman has put into her bid for governor of her own money.

How is that possible? How is it possible that you do not need experience to govern the seventh largest economy in the World? There is a huge difference between shareholders and a Board of Directors and the Cities of Compton and Eureka. There is a completely different governing body to have jurisdiction over. A completely different set of rules apply.

But that doesn’t even come into to play. What Meg is running against is experience. Her Donald Trump card is, “Hey, I’m rich. That’s all you have to know.”

She is trying to build the case, “Look at the foolish people who have tried to do something for others. Crazy. What you need to trust the people who only care for themselves. See, by being selfish, you know by looking out for only me, I’ll be the kind of candidate who only looks out for certain people. You know who you are.”

With lies and distortion, Meg hopes to convince the voters, that she is our candidate.

I am a Pot writer. I am passionate about the issue of Marijuana. I understand how unpopular it is to stand up for an issue that brings 34 billion dollars to this state.

It is really too bad no one takes Marijuana serious. Meg thinks she can lie about the stats. Meg thinks Potheads will forget about her statement or maybe she figures, we’re just getting high watching old VH1 reruns not watching her.

There is less than a month before we vote. Don’t vote for that Bore. She not only lied when she didn’t have to. She gave us a glimpse on how she will be running things.

When she doesn’t like the way things are going, she throws money her way for her benefit.

Jerry Brown tries. Meg Whitman spends and lies.

One Response to “Why Meg Can’t Say ‘Know’”
  1. Wiliam Lundine says:

    I like that. Meg lies while jerry tries. Virg should use that against snyder here in Michigan.

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