Confessions of a Trim Smoker

by Hayes Hemingway

My experience as a prop 215 patient has taught me various ways of ingesting cannabis flowers but for a long time the part of the plant I smoked the most was the trim.

Trim is short for trimmings or clippings and those are the leaves and bud fragments that fell off the plant while the stalks were being cut for the flowers.

Trim is typically the cheapest form of medicine at a dispensary because years of black market shopping teaches you to reject anything that’s not bud, so most patients won’t even look at it. However patients like myself who like shake, will try trim because it resembles shake, but it’s a much different smoking experience.

For a while I felt like I was winning because I would spend a little bit of money on trim, and I was convinced that the results justified the money I spent, but I really got “what I paid for.” What always happened was I smoked twice as much than if I was smoking actual bud. When you’re over-smoking like that it typically means you need a stronger dosage of medicine. I’m speaking from a medical point of view.

I start my mornings off with a small blunt of a sativa, to get my mind clear and focused and energize myself. When that blunt contains trim, I have to smoke two to achieve the effects I’d get from one blunt composed of the flowers. So over the course of a day where I smoke 3 times at the most, I’d need at least twice that intake or more. That’s entirely too much time rolling and smoking, I’ve got too many other things to do that are way more important.

Another knock on trim, because of its low potentcy, is the headache you get from smoking it. This right here just kills it for me. Fortunately I only came across that 15% of the time, and I want to say it’s because I was selective but I think I was just lucky.

Trim is pretty much a collection of bits of leaves. Sometimes they look better than some buds. Other times they look like (my budtender’s quote) “hampster-cage lining.” I’ve had beautiful trim of a fluorescent green shade, coated with crystals, and stinkier than the dankest batch ever on record. I’m talking about the kind of trim where it sticks together and forms its own nugs. This kind will smoke nicely in blunt, but unless I’m chiefing like a chimney I’m getting minimal effects.

Cosmetically I’ve had the exact opposite which isn’t too far off from resembling oregano, but I was amazed at the results. I bought a gram of Kryptonite trim, an indica for $7, and as I watched the budtender weigh it out, I had buyer’s remorse. It was full of stems, old and ugly-looking and virtually scent-less. The taste was awful. The high was intense. When I smoked it I became incredibly lazy and withdrawn. I found it hard to get out of bed. I was in my own world. I felt dazed.

After that experience I was convinced I’d been wasting time and money smoking trim, medicating the wrong way, I changed my shopping habits. I found a dispensary where I could purchase my medicine by the half gram. This way I could try it and find a strain that really works for me. At the same time I’m paying the same price I was for trim, but getting the right results. I’m not done with trim yet. I’ve heard it’s great to cook with. More on that next time.

8 Responses to “Confessions of a Trim Smoker”
  1. Johnathon Bohemius says:

    Buy a large enough amount to fill a glass jar of your choice half-full. Add ice cubes and cold water leaving a little extra space and close the jar. Shake vigorously for 5-10 minutes then let sit in a fridge for about 20-35 minutes. Pour this through a metal mesh strainer with small enough holes to let the water through and catch the trim without catching any green/brown/yellowish slimy residue and collect the water (make sure to press the wet plant material to get every drop) Pour this colored water through a coffee filter and let it slowly drip through, ringing out the coffee filter of water when finished. Then scrape the layer of extremely potent puddy-like hash from the inside of the coffee filter, let it dry, and smoke away! The temperature freezes the THC-laden trichomes making them brittle (shaking breaks them from the trim) as well as heavy enough to sink in water. All other inactive chemicals are dissolved in the discarded water leaving full-melt bubble hash of a very high quality once you get the hang of the procedure and a feel for maximizing potency.

    • Johnathon Bohemius says:

      You might already know this but the use of trim rather than bud gives the product a much sweeter and smoother taste as well as a more pleasant consistency and quality of high (due to THC/CBD ratios) Just thought I’d share my favorite use of trim. The right trim properly ground also makes an amazingly superior hash oil tincture when using the butane extraction method which can be done with only a plastic soda bottle, butane, and a glass dish.

  2. You don't know about them names says:

    Honestly never heard of someone smoking trim. Weird business.

  3. Garry Newman says:

    Smoking trim is ok when you are poor, when im poor i can get a 3/4g bag for the same as 1g of buds.

    • Elly Brady says:

      Dang, only 3 or 4 grams? You can find trim for as little as $100 a pound, sometimes even less than that. Not that I would know from experience, I don’t break any federal laws 🙂 That’s just what I’ve heard.

  4. Louie says:

    Hello, I know this is a few years old but I had a suggestion. Have you tried tinctures, man? $20 a bottle for half a gram of thc. >450mg thc or so per bottle. Best way to medicate in my opinion. Do some research as there are different kinds of tinctures out there that do different things.

    A gram of weed usually contains no more than 15% thc (150mg) and you’d have to smoke the whole thing without wasting it to get as much as that thc as you can. With tinctures you dont have to worry about that as you can weight out each dose with a dropper.

  5. i guess all I’d say is “One way or another; an oz. of resolve is worth a lb. of satisfaction”!

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