Vaporizer Review: herbalAire H2.1

You can consume your herbs and spices in a variety of ways, but nothing compares to a good vapor delivery system. The general consensus amongst cannabis consumers elects the Storz & Bickel Volcano as the best and most efficient device for the mission, though, for some folks like myself, the $669.00 required to purchase the device is a $669.00 better spent elsewhere. Cannabis smoke isn’t that bad, says the latest scientific research, right? On the other hand, my trusty common sense suggests that it’s probably unhealthy to some degree to directly inhale a lifetime’s worth of combusted crude plant material, tremendous amounts of lighter fluid to match, and multiple bags worth of wraps, hidden stems, and unseen intruders (like cat hair or table dust). And on the other hand, cheaper vaporizers have left me unimpressed and disappointed, often functioning at less than 100% efficiency. For a while, this is what prevented me from buying a vaporizer, but then I heard about the herbalAire H2.1.

The herbalAire H2.1 retails for $249.95, though they sell for as low as $190.00 w/ free shipping on eBay, which is where I bought mine. I immediately put it through its paces. I purchased the basic starter package, so it came with the bag system accessories, the whip/hose system accessories, one bowl/crucible, a cleaning kit, and two heavy duty plastic straws for direct inhalation (for when the bag and whip are too much clutter). All in all, it’s a complete set of accessories that allows me to use all the features of the vaporizer right out of the box, and the quality/build of the unit and accessories satisfied me. The vaporizer unit feels as if it would survive and function after falling from a typical dinner table height (but I wouldn’t recommend testing it!), and the whole set-up is virtually glass-free. It doesn’t feel delicate, and it seems like a lot of the accessories – like the whip hose – are generic plastic and metal pieces that could easily be found at the local Home Depot if/when they break, wear-out, or get lost.

This vaporizer works by heating up the air around the herb to within two degrees of the temperature set by the user. From the herbalAire website:

Eighteen tiny jets of precisely heated air permeate the herb only when the user inhales or when the pump for the bag fill kit is turned on. At all other times the herb sits idle, preserving the essence, waiting for the next demand. No wastage!

Theoretically, this means that, unless the user is inhaling or the bag pump is activated, the herb will not be heated.

Using the vaporizer is relatively easy. After consulting the manual once, I quickly set-up the whip system with minimal effort. The unit takes about 2-3 minutes to heat-up, and, once it’s really hot, it’s possible to continuously hit the hose without cooling the unit too much if everyone sucks slowly. Yes, it works well in groups, though I wouldn’t recommend it for large groups. Five or six people can comfortably use the unit at the same time, though it’s also a great solution for a single-user. It’s also a great desktop solution for the typical work-at-home and video gamer types because – aside from the convenient hookah-like whip attachment – it can blend in with other other computer/electronic equipment and it hardly produces a smell when vaporizing cannabis.

I have not tested the bag system, but the general consensus on the web is that the bag delivery system works well. There’s just two minor issues: 1. The bags themselves are of low quality, so some users are reporting leaks after several uses. This is a fixable problem, it seems, by simply replacing the bags with better quality bags. 2. The early models of this vaporizer came with a very slow air pump, so some early reviews complain about having to wait too long for the bags to inflate. This is no longer a problem since all new models come with a significantly faster pump.

As for vapor quality, this vaporizer is about as good as it’s going to get. The vapor is tasty, pleasant, and easy to inhale. I sincerely doubt any of the active ingredients go to waste as the vaporizer delivers a powerful high if, of course, the cannabis is high-grade. Minimal quantities can deliver quite the head change. Once the herb has been sufficiently vaporized, it emerges from the machine like a dry dark brown fall leaf that cracks under the slightest pressure. It no longer smells like weed, and I don’t recommend smoking it. The general consensus on the web is that the vaporizer works at 100% efficiency like the Volcano and unlike many other vaporizers.

In the end, the herbalAire H2.1 vaporizer is an amazing unit that delivers, arguably, the most bang-for-the-buck of all the available options to the average American consumer. It’s a clean, pleasant, almost-smell free method of vaporization, and it feels durable. A lot of the accessories can be replaced at a major hardware store, so you’re not left at the total mercy of the manufacturer for replacement parts. The vaporizer works at 100% efficiency when used properly, and it doesn’t require any grinding, making filling up, emptying, and cleaning the crucible/bowl an easy venture. I recommend it to all medical marijuana patients, anyone that doesn’t have the money for a volcano, and anyone that prefers a reliable and efficient whip-based vaporization system.

5 Responses to “Vaporizer Review: herbalAire H2.1”
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  2. Joeann Capra says:

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  3. I looked into the herbalAire when I was shopping for vapes, but I ended up going with the Extreme Q. Both are solid, but the extreme Q has a few more features that I wanted.

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