The Week and the Strong in Review

It was a pretty good week for WEED, for the most part. The Veteran’s Administration acceptance of Medical Marijuana is still the Big News…This is such a giant step…Whatever happens now, once it’s proven that WEED works, there’s no going back. We know the medicinal properties of WEED, now a huge segment of the population that might have never been exposed to the evil herb will now have a chance to experience life with the possible reduction of pain and anxiety. Just like the Viet Nam War in my time, once war veterans start banging the gong, it gets much easier for the Moms and Dads to understand that what they feared can actually help. This is advertising you can’t pay for…But more importantly, people are finally getting the assistance they need. That is what I call Supporting the Troops.

We’re gonna need all the help we can get…

As we get closer to November’s election, I predict that the opposition side rhetoric is going to explode with frustration and fear. And sadly, all they know is the old ways of scaring us…They’re going to come at us with the standard paranoiac drum-beating like, “What about the children?” and “Are these crazy Potheads going to kill us with their crazy WEED?”

An example of this, last week California State Sen. Lady Di Feinstein did her best at creating fear and hysteria with the introduction of a bill that goes to the heart of what is wrong with America’s druggies, Edibles. That’s right, magic brownies. Because earlier this year, some school kids in about three different schools in Northern Cali had to be sent either home, to the hospital or go tripping in the nurse’s office because of the ingestion of brownies, or the like. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for the kid’s right to get baked, but c’mon…

If your first drink didn’t come from your parent’s medicine, liquor cabinet, you’re not a ‘Merican. Plus, if that first shot wasn’t some unidentifiable, syrupy, green alcohol, you weren’t doing it right. Not to minimize, but please. In twenty years, the kids today are going to recount their first hits happily just like our first time getting drunk or what we did to score some happy juice. When you replaced the gin with water, who did you really think you were fooling? Same goes with my Weed in the sock drawer kids. I know how much I have.

More good news…

Super pollster, Nate Silver has ingeniously figured out that the polls showing that the support for Legalization that say is fading with Cali voters are wrong. Nate has the data to show that there is a difference on the outcome depending how the poll is taken. If there is a human voice asking if you are for or against the Legalization of Marijuana, people are more apt to lie or give the answer, ‘No.’ If the poll is taken by a robo-call or a non-human interface, the answer to Legalization question is more likely to be ‘Yes.’ People still care what their neighbors think until they get into the privacy of the voting booth. Nate has given the appropriate name to this phenomenon, ‘The Broadus Effect,’ as a shout-out to Snoop Dogg. In the same way that when the African-American Tom Bradley ran for mayor of Los Angeles, the polls showed the voters were against him, until they were in the privacy of the booth. Now when polls show that the average voter is too chicken-shit to express their real opinions to a stranger and the vote differently when alone, this is the Bradley Effect. How cool is Snoop Dogg. Gets his own ‘Effect.’

Jane Hamsher, PolyBabe of Firedog Lake was on the Dylan Ratigan show last week arguing that the real immigrant problem is drugs, Marijuana in particular. That the vast majority of the traffic coming across our southern borders has to do with the Marijuana smuggling, not people hauling as we’re told. The point was later sent home by a huge bust here in Cali. Something like 1.7 billion in plants and other stuff was confiscated. It all belonged to the Mexican Mafia.

The FBI says that there is a presence of Mexican gangs in over 230 American cities. Some 450 agents were part of this recent state-wide bust. We are letting go of firemen, police and teachers in this state due to lacking of funding and bad governmental management. Tell me we don’t have our priorities wrong.

I just wish there was a way this problem could go away. Oh yeah, Legalization.

It has been stated that 60 percent of the profits that the Mexican gangs make, is from Marijuana. Legalization would dramatically decrease the volume of foreign WEED that enters our country. Remember every pound that these criminals bring in, take away jobs from some American grower or dealer.

While our prisons continue to increase, they’re up almost 300%, let see Hilton or Days Inn beat those occupancy rates. Did you know that Legalization studies show that drug usage goes DOWN with Legalization. That right, MOM. If you don’t want your grandkid not to smoke WEED, Legalize it. If you want them to smoke, just keep it out of arm’s reach and tell them it’s bad for them. Then see who your kids believe for the truth.

In response to my last column about buying outdoor Organic Pot, I want to be perfectly clear…

I have painstakingly removed the husks from around seeds to try to get high. I’ve smoked pipe resin repeatedly, knowing full well I’m only getting brain burns and not getting high. I’ve smoked swag, bad Mexican. Stuff from the backs of magazines that you’ve ordered that claims to get you high. I’ve drove all night for an eighth. I’ve walked, trucked through the snow, mud, rain, hail, earthquakes and possible tsunamis, to try to score WEED.

I have done what I had to for my search of the eternal buzz. I grew up in the Middle West and would have had a grow room today with indoor lights and whatever water source I could get if I didn’t live in the greatest city ever.

I am not going to tell someone they shouldn’t grow indoors if that’s the only game in town. I’ve spoke of my elderly friend who grew his own because of price and he just didn’t want to play the game anymore. He became self-sufficient at seventy years old, when he put in his small grow room. Now I tend his garden for him because of the arthritic paws can’t do the day-to-day tending that is needed by an indoor grow.

My only point is that when you multiply the numbers of indoor grow rooms, we may need to love us some foreign oil for a long time. We’re pushing our power grid and infrastructure to the limits. I want to be responsible before someone tells me I need to be…

But I would never say to another stoner, its okay for me to get high, but not you.

More Later.

4 Responses to “The Week and the Strong in Review”
  1. darkcycle says:

    Sorry I blew my stack, man. Just remember, there’s a war on. Let’s not attack our side for their tactics. We all share the same goals in the end. Apologies all around. Grow outdoor organic if ‘ya can and I’ll join you ASAP.

  2. Danielle says:

    ” Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for the kid’s right to get baked, but c’mon…”

    I’ll do it 🙂

    And with Tom Bradley, I thought it was that the majority reported they would vote for him, then he lost by quite a bit?

    Either way, it’s not surprising people would tell the ‘acceptable’ answer to a live person.

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