Legal Gun Owners Threatened With Lethal Force By Police in Drug War

Legal gun owners are victims of the use of lethal force by police carrying out warrant searches for drugs, says Pete Guither of the Drug War Rant. Guither fears the recent decision by the Supreme Court to nullify Chicago’s infamous gun-ban – effectively nullifying local gun-bans nation-wide – will lead to the implementation of police-accesible registries in the affected areas to inform police if there are legally registered guns at warrant-search sites. This gives police a chance to “properly” prepare for a possible gun-fight with legally registered gun-owners who are not likely to be violent because the law requires owners to have a clean criminal record. As a result, violent criminals don’t have guns legally registered to themselves, so police tend to implement the most brutal tactics on the most responsible gun owners.

Anthony Andrew Diotaluto is the victim of such circumstances.

Anthony worked two jobs to help pay for the house he lived in with his mother. He had permit for a concealed weapon because of the areas he traveled through for his night job. Sunrise police claimed that he had sold some marijuana, and because they knew he had a legal gun, decided to use SWAT. Neighbors claim that the police did not identify themselves. Police first claimed that Anthony pointed his gun at them, and later changed their story. Regardless, Anthony was dead with 10 bullets in him, and the police found 2 ounces of marijuana.


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