Stossel Hosts Legitimate One-Hour-Long Drug War Debate on Fox Business TV


A few days ago, John Stossel hosted an honest and legitimate  one-hour-long debate regarding the Drug War on the Fox Business channel. I point out that it was an honest and legitimate debate because, often, drug-war debates on TV aren’t. The hosts of the show usually allow guests to cite false facts and misinformation for the sake of a “balanced” debate that show both sides of the coin. The reality is that the drug-war is an evil world-destroying machine, and to act as if there’s a good side to the drug-war is shortsighted and naive. John Stossel recognizes this truth, and he also has a relatively new show on the Fox Business channel called Stossel. His libertarian attitude shines honestly throughout every episodes. He’s intelligent, articulate, wise, and informed. He and his off-camera team have a wealth of information ready-to-go to combat the ignorance and arrogance displayed by drug warriors, so, often, he doesn’t let guests get away with citing false facts, studies, and research. The drug-war episode is worth an hour of your time no matter which side you’re on, and don’t forget to share the video with the marijuana-haters in your live! You can watch it at the Hail Mary Jane blog via YouTube.


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