Weed is Medicine: Sativex, Liquid Marijuana, Cleared for Prescription Use in United Kingdom


Whenever the scientific community gets a chance to study marijuana honesty and openly, the conclusion is often that marijuana is a relatively harmless plant that can be used as medicine to treat a variety of mental and physical ailments, which is why it is extremely important that the UK has approved for prescription use Sativex, a form of liquid marijuana that is just as effective as natural, well grown cannabis.

Marinol, a prescription form of THC, marijuana’s active ingredient, has been available for some time now, though it is nowhere near as effective as good ol’ fashioned, green, sticky bud, says Mike Meno of the MPP blog.

The Food and Drug Administration has already approved the pill Marinol, which contains marijuana’s main psychoactive component, THC, for medical use in the United States, but unlike Sativex, Marinol does not contain all of marijuana’s more than 60 different cannabinoids, and therefore doesn’t offer the full therapeutic potential of marijuana. Among patients, Marinol is notoriously ineffective.

This is great news for patients that truly need medicinal marijuana, and, hopefully, the prescription drug companies manage to get Sativex approved for prescription use in America so that medicinal marijuana patients don’t have to deal with the government’s ignorant and arrogant anti-drug policies. And hopefully this will finally prove to all the naysayers that marijuana is medicine, and we now have a prescription drug that we can shove into doubters to prove it. On the other hand, I fear this will make full marijuana legalization more difficult as the medical marijuana community may ease their political efforts to push for legalization, and it’s a sad illustration that the drug companies and the government seem to have more control over what we consume than we have as individuals. If the aim of Sativex is to reproduce the natural marijuana high, why don’t we just allow people to naturally grow it so they can naturally consume it themselves without fear of persecution? Marijuana is really  cheap to grow in a decent outside setting, but prescription users will have to pay extra for a drug company to shove it into a pill for them. It’s one thing if a patient willfully chooses the pill over other methods of consumption, but it’s entirely out of line for the government to withhold, or almost patent, such an immensely beneficial and relatively safe plant.

Imagine this: Tea and coffee, two relatively harmless and often beneficial/useful naturally occurring plants, are outlawed in the next few years and then re-released into the public  100 years later for consumption in prescription pill form only… this on the same level absurdity.

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