Sarah Palin May Surprise You With Her Stance on the Drug War

Palin on Pot

Sarah Palin is often ridiculed for lacking intelligence and empathy, and she often only supports policies that her team considers popular and politically safe. Oddly enough, finishing your term as an elected governor for one of the 50-states isn’t on that list. Never one to bore America, she is full of surprises, though they are often surprises that frighten the saner American population. However, this surprise is not really all that bad. On the contrary, it’s more of a pleasant surprise. Last week, she appeared on Fox’s Freedom Watch alongside Ron Paul, and she actually sympathized with marijuana users. Observe:

She seems to understand that persecuting marijuana users is a waste of time and tax-payer funds especially when considering the state of our broke nation, but I don’t think she is being genuine. Palin is a sociopathic liar, and she will say anything to be popular. Sadly, I feel like Palin is just playing the politics game, trying to avoid losing even more supporters than she already has throughout the last few years. She understands that Ron Paul’s supporters tend to support marijuana decriminalization or legalization, so it would backfire to talk trash on marijuana in that venue. She also knows that Paul and Nopalitano, the Freedom Watch host, would annihilate any anti-marijuana arguments, and she knows she doesn’t have the intellect or knowledge to debate with such intelligent and informed men. As a result, I don’t think she truly sympathizes with us.

2 Responses to “Sarah Palin May Surprise You With Her Stance on the Drug War”
  1. Danielle says:

    I really don’t trust any form of empathy coming from her, hah. Even when she does get close-like how she understood “for a split second” why a pregnant woman with a fetus testing positive for Down Syndrome would want to abort, then after that second she turned around and hated on those who make a different choice. I mean, I guess it’s good to have more people on our side, but when they’re the likes of Palin and Ron “if women are being sexually harassed in the workplace they should just leave” Paul, I’ll pass (pun).

    As soon as this isn’t a politically good move from her…

  2. Rhayader27510 says:

    Yeah, I was surprised indeed to hear this. I think you’re probably right that she was fence-sitting here largely because of the specific parties in the conversation. She certainly didn’t want to publicly endorse legalization, and I have a feeling that among a different crowd she might have come off as a more typical Drug Warrior. And, of course, the crap about “sending a message” is just beyond ridiculous in any number of ways.

    Still though, given the atmosphere on the populist right regarding cannabis since at least the Nixon administration, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear the current “intellectual” leader of that movement acknowledge that when I sit at home and smoke a bowl while I watch Futurama, I am not hurting a soul.

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