Cops Are Public Enemy #1: Police Kill 21-Year-Old Father-to-Be After Warrant Search Fails

Las Vegas cops shot and killed a man, Trevon Cole, last Friday, after unsuccessfully searching his house. His fiance, Sequioa Pearce, 9-months-pregnant, was home in a different room during the murder. This story saddened me so much that I wanted to avoid discussing it on the Cannabis Post, but I think I would be doing this young man’s death a disservice if I didn’t take it up. In addition, I hope the publicity that this post helps to generate helps to ensure the incarceration of the guilty party, the dirty cops that ruined at least three lives that terrible night.

To make a long story short, police say they arrived at his house at about 9PM on Friday. Supposedly, they knocked and there was no response. After breaking into the apartment, they found Cole and Pearce hiding in different rooms. After searching the apartment and finding no evidence of drug-dealing, police say cole made a “furtive movement” that prompted police to shoot and kill him. Pearce’s brother tells a different tale:

The police bust in the door, with guns drawn to my little sister and her now deceased boyfriend. My sister is 8 ½ months pregnant, two weeks until the due date. But they bust in the door, irritated they didn’t find any weapons or drugs, drag this young man into the restroom to interrogate him and two minutes later my sister hears a shot. They shot him with a shotgun, no weapon. For what? My sister is a baby, this young man is a baby, now my sister is at his house telling his mom her son is dead, and he is barely 21.

It’s hard for me to read that passage without becoming frustratingly enraged, and every freedom-loving American should feel the same. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Sequoia Pearce, who is only 20-year-old, admits that Cole used marijuana on occasion, but he was not a dealer. Apart from police testimony, it seems that there is no evidence that Cole was a drug dealer, and, even if he was, the amount of force and tax payer resources used to stop him far outweighs the insignificant impact he would have upon the community as a marijuana dealer. It is extremely likely that there were much more heinous crimes, like rape, robbery, assault, and pedophilia, being committed in the city of Las Vegas that Friday night, and the community would be better served if police used such extreme force on stopping and preventing those much more dangerous and harmful crimes instead of attacking innocent victims in their own homes.

Pearce, like many other victims of the drug war, feels helpless about the whole situation. She was destined to raise a family with a man that she loved, but cops came into their house, guns drawn, attempting to “protect” the community at the expense of the community itself. She has been robbed of her future.

I just feel like they stole everything from me. They stole it all.

The officer, Bryan Yant, that murdered Cole has been involved in other controversial shootings, though he always managed to emerge unscathed.

Please do your country a favor: If you happen to see Bryan Yant on the street, please tell him that he’s a douchebag. Isn’t it time that we require a higher level of education, intellect, morality, and training from our police force, often made up of high-school losers and college-drop outs that have the power to destroy lives unpunished but lack the even greater responsibility to wield that power? Cops are no longer our protectors. They are public enemy #1. Disgusting.

One Response to “Cops Are Public Enemy #1: Police Kill 21-Year-Old Father-to-Be After Warrant Search Fails”
  1. Danielle says:

    Horrific. And seeing that picture brings me close to tears 😦

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