Many CA Medical Pot Shops Shut Down: Delivery Services On The Rise

You can knock us down, but we’re relentlessly determined to get back up every time. The pursuit of freedom is never-ending, and the same is true for American appetite for marijuana. In Los Angeles, recently, over 400 medical marijuana dispensaries were ordered to close, though, the government will have to waste a considerable amount of money, resources, and manpower in the attempt to keep these shops closed since they will not go silently. Many shops have to close down due to new zoning rules and ever-amorphous city policies regarding the regulation of pot shops.

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times, this is a map of all the dispensaries that were ordered to close:

LA Pot Shops To Close

Now High Times is reporting that the number of medical marijuana delivery services in the area is on the rise, and it is no coincidence that it is occurring as these California dispensaries are being ordered to close. This whole fiasco just goes to show that the more they push us down, the harder we’ll fight when we get back up. With the Tax Cannabis 2010 initiative on the ballot this November, the anti-drug crowd is being foolish in angering marijuana users. Despite the closing over 400 legitimate, tax-paying, job-creating businesses in LA, the effect that this event will have on the outcome of the Tax Cannabis 2010 initiative in November will be a positive one for marijuana consumers. The more they push us down, the harder we’ll fight.

California NORML provides a list of legal medical marijuana delivery services.


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