I Loved My Dispensary

By Hayes Hemingway

“This is a poem by Hayes Hemingway with apologies to Langston Hughes.”

I loved my dispensary
The LA City Council took it away from me
There’s nothing more to say
The poem ends softly as it began
I loved my dispensary

These photos are of four dispensaries that closed within two miles of each other in Hollywood. I know just these four closing has major effects on the entire industry. Just think about the effects of 400 closing throughout Los Angeles.

Melrose Discount Caregivers on Melrose I always remembered for their white windows — that’s the kind of remark made from someone who always passed by there, instead of shopping. I went there once, when I was passing by and I saw a line outside. It was for free medicine. I got on line and got some and it was pretty lame. I’d been to some new patient giveaways and this by far in my opinion showed how little they cared about their patients because they couldn’t even give out something of moderate quality. So I never went there again but one thing’s for sure. Patients are suffering because they’re closing.

Hollywood Caregivers on Virgil was the truest definition of a caregiver. They cared about my needs. There were times I went there with no money and they hooked me up. Sometimes they’d even give me something to try to see if I liked it. Sometimes I’d tell them what I was looking for and they’d steer me in the right direction even when I chose something more expensive. The owner was studying for a career in medicine while running this dispensary so he had a backup plan.

Green Care on Santa Monica Blvd was a dispensary up the stairs, and they might have been the worst I’ve ever been to. A true double entendre. They really did care about ‘that green.’ These guys were the definition of terrible. Their prices were too high. Their medicine was above average, but the salesmanship and environment was unprofessional. One time I walked in there and I thought I was at my dealer’s house. People were taking bong hits in the lobby. It reeked of smoke. Nobody walks into a doctor’s office and immediately witnesses a procedure.  That shows me you’re not in business to be a caregiver. I only went to this dispensary if my main caregiver was closed and each time I went, I regretted it. They’re not generous and I think they viewed most of their patients as dollar signs. To them you were just a customer. I’m not sad to see them go, I’m sure they have their hands in plenty of other endeavors. They always had luxury cars parked out front. They were about their money.

Mary J Caregivers on Fountain had a reputation for being wack. Anytime I mentioned to people they all had negative things to say. I never went there either, but it doesn’t make it any less great a situation for their patients that they’re closing. Plus people had jobs before this. Now their employees are out of work because of this.

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