Nice Dreams: Man Uses Ice Cream Truck to Smuggle Weed

If you haven’t seen at least one Cheech and Chong movie, then you’re no die-hard pot fiend. So let’s assume that you have seen at least one, and that one was ‘Nice Dreams‘. Naturally, you thought Cheech and Chong were brilliant for coming up with the idea of selling weed out of an ice cream truck, right? Well life imitating movies doesn’t always translate very well.

One 34-year-old man must have seen the film made by his Mexican brethren when he was inspired to create a fake-labeled ice cream van to smuggle weed. What tipped off the cops? Maybe the fact that the ice cream truck didn’t have a freezer when they searched the vehicle, just for instance.

The man was charged with possession of marijuana and is being held in a local detention center in lieu of $50,000 bail. Cheech and Chong were not available for comment. (Must have been 4:20.)


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