Virginia Public Schools Hate US Bill of Rights

Two Norview High School teachers deserve a promotion but were suspended instead after leading a Senior High-School government class in a discussion about Constitutional rights in which a video on the subject was presented. The video, Busted: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters, is an educational tool to inform the general public about police power and the rights citizens possess when encountering policemen.

Sadly, policemen are not the smartest and most trustworthy bunch, and the framers of our Constitution knew that if cops were not restricted in their power, cops would abuse such power. Unfortunately, the framers did not discuss how the public would be informed about such rights, allowing countless policemen across the nation to take advantage of ignorant citizens. It is incredibly infuriating that it is possible to be punished in this country for teaching the Bill of Rights. I was left speechless when I first heard about this story.

Cops are trained and encouraged to play mind games with the possible criminals they encounter, subtly leading citizens to incriminate themselves. Considering that a cop’s job is to arrest/ticket people and not to help people, this is no surprise. For example, when pulling over a citizen with or without reason, it is typical for a policemen to ask the question, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” (responsible policemen just hand you a ticket without saying much instead). The typical response is an admission of guilt, allowing the cop to avoid all the in-between work that is necessary for arresting/ticketing you if he had a legitimate reason in the first place. The reality is that the citizen does not have to answer this question or most other questions asked by the cop, but many people don’t understand this.

Consider my experience. A few years a go, I was pulled over, though I did nothing to deserve this harassment. The pig comes to my window and asks, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Confused, I politely respond, “No, sir.” He stares blankly as if waiting for me to say something, then he says, “Well, your brights are on.” At this point, I turn on my brights to show him that they are not on. He stares at me blankly again. He goes to his car and returns a minute later to ask if I have anything illegal in the car. I had bee smoking with my friends that night in the car, and the car reeked of Marijuana, a smell he definitely noticed. Thankfully, the smell of Marijuana alone is not enough to administer a legal search of myself or the vehicle. I deny that there is anything illegal in the car. He goes to his car and returns to ask the same question again. He did this over and over again for a about ten to fifteen minutes, but he finally let me go.

This cop was trying to get me to admit to having something illegal in the car in order to persecute me, but because I was informed about my rights as a citizen, he was unable to get it out of me. Most cops – except for perhaps Highway Patrol – will play these mind games with you in order to scare you into submission, pushing the lie that they will be ‘nicer’ to you if you just admit guilt. The reality is that cops will arrest/ticket you if they can, leaving the judge to be ‘nice’ to you if he chooses to be. Their job is to send you to the judge, and they will do that whether you incriminate yourself or not.

Because of America’s terrible habit of passing unjust laws (slavery, Jim Crow, separate but equal, the drug war, Arizona’s racist policies, etc) it is necessary that we teach American students about their Constitutional rights so that they avoid being unnecessarily and unjustly persecuted. It is eerily surprising that this isn’t a part of the standard school curriculum, but considering that the US holds 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population, this is unsurprising.

Remember: cops are not your friends. Avoid them at all costs and say as little as possible when encountering them. Do not insult or attack them, but do not give them your true respect. When unjust laws exist, the police are the enemy – not the friends and protectors – of the public. The reality is that criminals like Catholic pedophile priests, street rapists, and violent burglars run rampant with little government money backing up efforts to stop such real crime while hard-working Marijuana users fear their own country as it spends trillions on persecuting us. As NWA once said, “F*ck the police,” at least until they begin protecting instead of persecuting citizens again.

7 Responses to “Virginia Public Schools Hate US Bill of Rights”
  1. kydelic says:

    Awesome post Danny. People outraged by this can share their thoughts with the school board here.

  2. Danielle says:

    Street rapists? How about all rapists. Police will find some way to blame the victim. Or, even in some cases, BE the rapist.

    In my case, with sexual assault, it was ask me questions about the perpetrator, then lecture me on what I should have done different. Yeah, real helpful, and NOT the point.

    And then there’s police brutality, and we only know of what’s caught on tape.

    Good for those teachers, because as I listen to the news, there’s a lot of people, sometimes willingly, misinformed about our Constitution.

    • Danny Mendez says:

      Sorry, Danielle, I didn’t mean just ‘street rapists’, but I said street rapists because women are sometimes raped or kidnapped outside on the ‘streets’ where cops should be able to stop/prevent such a crime but instead they are busy busting the teenager down the street for marijuana possession. Any rapist deserves to rot in prison for life in my honest opinion, so please don’t think that I was suggesting that ‘indoor rapists’ don’t deserve to be hunted down with the same ferocity and budget$$$ that cops use to persecute marijuana users.

      • Danielle says:

        Oh, I know what you meant, I hope I didn’t come off angry or upset with what you said. I was just expanding on the role cops play with rape, and was angry just thinking about it. I of course totally agree with you, and I hope you know my comment was in NO way meant to come across as upset with what you said. Just upset with the way police are handling things right now.

  3. What happened to the teachers? Or do we know if they were charged, and if so, with what? How can it be against the law to teach the law? That does not make any sense in an already screwy situation. Bizzare .

    • Danny Mendez says:

      Mike: The teachers were suspended from their jobs, but I don’t know for how long.

      Danielle: You didn’t come off as angry or upset, and you made an excellent point about the role that police often play as “accomplices” of rape criminals.

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