Family’s Saga Illustrates Changing Attitudes About Marijuana

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Down a rutted dirt road from Garden Highway and the Sacramento River levee, organic farmer David Tat Chow cultivates a crop that sent his hippie mother and stepfather to state prison.

On his tiny, hardscrabble plot, he tends to apple trees, radishes, bell peppers, tomatoes, crookneck squash – and a few dozen marijuana plants.

He grows for medical pot users on a farm federal agents spent years trying to seize over a couple of ounces of weed.

California now brims with legal marijuana dispensaries, pot doctors and a burgeoning industry serving tens of thousands of medical cannabis users. A November ballot measure seeks to legalize recreational marijuana use – and small private cultivation – for adults over 21.

Chow’s family saga speaks volumes about changes in marijuana politics, enforcement and social acceptance.

These days, Chow invites American Indian speakers, fellow growers and other interested guests to his farm for classes on marijuana cultivation.

He leads the sessions in a soft voice, tinged with grief. He tells of his mother, who died of breast cancer in 1993, after returning from prison. He tells of a protracted fight as a young man to save the property from federal seizure.

“My parents were made an example,” he said. “(The authorities) said, ‘If you grow marijuana, we’re going to put you in prison – and we’re going to take your property.’ It was 2 ounces of marijuana and they served 2 years in prison.”

Read full story here.

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