Montana Doctor Fined After Seeing 150 Patients in a Day

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A Montana physician who saw about 150 patients over 14½ hours during a medical marijuana clinic last year will be fined $2,000 for providing substandard care, the first time a doctor in the state has been disciplined in a marijuana case.

The state Board of Medical Examiners’ action follows a stern warning issued by the board to doctors who participate in the “cannabis caravans” that travel around the state registering medical marijuana patients. The board cautioned those doctors not to let their standards of care slip, saying the mass screenings “inherently tend towards inadequate standards of care.”

The physician, Dr. Patricia Cole, of Whitefish, said she never breached the doctor-patient relationship and believes she is being made an example of by the board. Cole said she is afraid other doctors may be discouraged from prescribing medical marijuana in their own offices because of this.

“Ideally, the recommendations would be done by the patients’ primary care physician. Unfortunately, there are very few physicians who are willing to prescribe (medical marijuana),” she said Tuesday.

A person must have a debilitating medical condition certified by a doctor in order to register as a medical marijuana patient with the state. Montana now has about 15,000 registered patients, according to state health officials, up from 2,923 a year ago.

A major factor in that boom has been the clinics sponsored by the Montana Caregivers Network that travel around the state, signing up hundreds of new patients at a time.

The board determined Friday that Cole spent an average of six minutes with each patient during an October 2009 clinic in Great Falls. The board said she did not document whether she took medical histories or physical examinations of patients, did not discuss proper dosing and failed to document a risk analysis of medical marijuana for them.

Read full story here.


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