The Marc Emery Movement

No doubt many of you have heard of the protests around Canada. The extradition of Marc Emery has ignited a firestorm in our neighbor to the north, and many of us here in the states look on from afar, and shout encouragement.

No longer content with emails and letters to their representatives, Canadian supporters of Marc Emery have taken to occupying the offices of their conservative MP’s.

As I write this, Marc Emery has been in the United States for about half a day. And the movement he has sparked grows everyday.

Marc has made millions selling marijuana seeds, and he gave millions to legalization causes around the world. His online magazine is one of the most popular websites on the internet. His dedication to the cause has been tireless; before Marc Emery, you couldn’t buy a High Times magazine in Canada.

And for his outspokenness, Marc sits in jail on U.S. soil. But his movement lives on. He is the new symbol of marijuana legalization, and it is up to us to carry the torch.

Free Marc Emery!

One Response to “The Marc Emery Movement”
  1. No matter what Canadians think about pot – and the majority want it legalized if only to not go down the US war on drug path and to save police time and $ for serious crimes – the issue of Marc being extradited to the US is bigger than him.

    It’s about Canada’s sovereignty. Too long have we let the US run roughshod over us – it’s time to remember that we’re the country that set fire to the presidential home – which was then white washed to hide the smoke damage and left that colour to become known as the White House.

    We have to stop feeling guilty for winning the battle of 1812 and then giving you the land we had just fought for to apologist for beating you.

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