Stop Getting Stoned in the Closet

NORMLWe have all done it: roll a few blunts, throw a towel under the closet door, and prepare for blast-off! Getting stoned in the closet is a beautiful concept. It conserves the smoke and hides the smell, and I love it as much as the next guy. So please don’t take this the wrong way: we need to come out of the closet, stoners!

I am not referring to the wonderful smoking activity known to us stoners as ‘the hotbox’. No, I am referring to a disease that has been plaguing the marijuana legalization effort for decades. It manifests itself in the form of fear within stoners around the world. We’re afraid of losing our jobs, our children, our families, and the rights that we’ve managed to keep from losing thus far, but the closeted-stoner ultimately slows the legalization movement. As a result, certain individuals in the government would like us to believe that we’re at risk of losing everything if we open the closet door to smoke that blunt outside.

I’ve experienced the persecution that results from such an open lifestyle on several occasions, so I speak from experience that  it can be costly, forcing you to deal with policemen that will fine you and steal your marijuana at the minimum level of persecution. On the other end of the spectrum, of course, is incarceration, which I have thankfully avoided. It can cost you family relationships, another hardship familiar to myself and other stoners. Bigots and ideologues – even if they are our friends – will hate us and abandon us. But we must come-out. Yes, for most people, coming out of the closet – regarding any issue be it sexuality or cannabis use – is probably one of the most difficult tasks we will know.

Those of us that have the most to lose – the most successful personalities with great jobs, beautiful families, wonderful children, respectable fame, perfect credit, educated minds, and excellent social status – are the most valuable closeted-stoners to the legalization movement. The world will accept us more and more as it witnesses that we’re not just a bunch of dumb, couch-stuck, slow-minded losers.

In my own experience, coming out has proved fruitful in the long run, though this was not always the case. As a consequence, I’ve passed a blunt amongst and discussed marijuana with family members I never thought I would, and I have no anxiety about anyone seeing me smoke (in most situations). Thankfully, marijuana has become ‘normal’ again in my circle of friends and family, and, if you make it ‘normal‘ in your circle too, perhaps one day it’ll be normal everywhere we go.

4 Responses to “Stop Getting Stoned in the Closet”
  1. Danielle says:

    Cool. When I realized my mother was aware of my pot use, I became so incredibly happy.

  2. bobby moss says:

    wonderful article. i too agree with this in the efforts of the legalization movement of cannabis. power to the stoners!

  3. rhayader27510 says:

    Good piece Danny, I completely agree. I see a link or two to Andrew Sullivan’s “cannabis closet” series, which has been ongoing for some time now.

    I will say that because of drug testing, it is impossible for many of us to “come out of the closet” among coworkers. This is unfortunate, as the work environment often includes people who hold many different political viewpoints, and is a great opportunity for a hard-working pot smoker to challenge stereotypes among coworkers. Still though, you’re right — we need to be proud of our lifestyle instead of denying it.

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