“Haute Stoner” Cuisine a Hit in New York Times

I found this story while perusing the ever-great Fark today, a wonderful three-page piece in the NYT about the influence of cannabis in the hearts and minds of many of America’s great chefs, as well as their patrons. It is a great article hinting at the increasing normalcy of our beloved herb in the general culture: no silly puns (mine in the headline was purely unintentional. I swear), no denigration of our cannabis culture, or anything of the sort. In fact, the article is almost admiring of those of us who would call ourselves cannabis connoisseurs, and makes the connection between being nicely blazed and coming up with some great foods (I, personally, am a proud sandwich man, and have made unbelievable pieces of edible art while walking in space) and business ideas. Many of the chefs, in fact, come out saying that they came up with their wildly successful business ideas while high. Let this article not only give you dreamers out there the encouragement to bank on your “nice dreams,” but also use it as an opportunity to evangelize, as it were. The NYT, like many news sites, has a comment board. My tactic for “easy advocacy” lately has been to politely argue the facts of cannabis on these web sites, give stats and hard numbers, sources, etc. to not only show that we smokers are a force to be reckoned with, but that we are on the side of truth and justice. Enjoy the article, perhaps while you’re enjoying some nice AK-47 and a little Momofuku, one of the featured businesses in the story.

Source: NYT


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