CBP Officers Discover Marijuana in Concrete Furniture

Arizona border patrol agents used the latest in technology to bust a drug-smuggling attempt from Mexico earlier this week. A mobile x-ray machine discovered more than 300 pounds of marijuana embedded within concrete tables.

Examining a commercial semi-trailer full of concrete furniture, the machine allowed the officers to detect something amiss deep inside the concrete. Further inspection revealed packages of marijuana, worth roughly $2.8 million. The trailer and marijuana were seized by authorities.


One Response to “CBP Officers Discover Marijuana in Concrete Furniture”
  1. SpdBmp says:

    300#’s = $2,800,000.00
    300*16 = 4,800 = $2,800,000.00
    4800*8 = 38,400 “1/8’s” = $2,800,000.00
    38,400*3.5 = 134,400 Grams = $2,800,000.00

    $2,800,000.00/300 = $9,333.33 per pound
    $2,800,000.00/4,800 =$583.33 per ounce
    $2,800,000.00/38,400 = $72.91 per 1/8th
    $2,800,000.00/134,400 = 20.83 per GRAM

    Uh… do we HAVE to pay that much, or can we buy it from our local dispensaries for fair market value instead?

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