Growing Marijuana On Public Land

When you’re out hiking or walking this summer, the DNR and local law enforcement are warning that you may stumble upon something illegal. They say it’s a continuing problem, and that people using public property to grow marijuana.

However, they’re hoping that by teaching people what to look out for, they can crack down on more illegal operations.

It’s growing season for marijuana.

“Every year we run into people calling in saying they found a plot of marijuana,” said Investigator Fritz Leinfelder with the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department.

And sometimes people find pretty big operations, like this one in Buffalo County last year where authorities believe $2 million of pot was harvested.

“The public is very instrumental because grows are done in very remote areas, and often times those areas are sought out by our folks that are hunting, fishing, and recreating,” said DNR Conservation Warden Russell Wilson.

To help their effort, the DNR will soon be putting signs in parks and forests so people know what to look for.

“We want you to keep a sharp eye,” said Wilson.

Read full story here.

One Response to “Growing Marijuana On Public Land”
  1. imam says:

    oh yea let me tell you were i see some illegal operations if i ever do so the cops can compiscate the holy plants lmao were in the 21 century wake up and bake up your life might change

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