Number Of Pot Shops In L.A: 583

Houston, we have a number: After ad nauseam reports about Los Angeles’ 1,000-plus pot shops, which some news organizations stated was a number greater than a count of the city’s Starbucks outlets, we finally have a number, and it’s 583, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Hyperbole be damned.

The department looked at lists of shops forwarded to it by the City Attorney’s office (the office had asked for and received LA Weekly’s own definitive count of dispensaries — PDF) and had narcotics officers fan out and confirm the outlets that were up and running throughout the city.

“We sent out a project to all our narcotics sections through out the city to go through the list that were compiled by media and the City Attorney’s office to determine if they are in fact still there operating and [to confirm] any new ones that they may find,” LAPD Narcotics Division Capt. Kevin F. McCarthy told LA Weekly. “And we came up with a number about of about 583. That number is very fluid. It changes every day.”

Read full story here.


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