Obama’s New Drug Strategy Opposes Legalizing Pot

The Obama administration’s newly-released drug control strategy may set up a confrontation between the federal government and the state of California, if residents of the state pass a ballot initiative this year to legalize marijuana.

President Obama today released his administration’s first National Drug Control Strategy, which sets up five-year goals for reducing drug use and the problems associated with it.

The strategy states that “this Administration firmly opposes the legalization of marijuana or any other illicit drug.”

But this November, Californians will get to vote on a ballot initiative that, if passed, would legalize marijuana in the state, making it the first state in the nation to do so. The measure would permit those age 21 and over to possess small amounts of marijuana, and the sale of it would be regulated and taxed by local governments.

Polls suggest the initiative has a shot at passing. In a Survey USA poll released last month, 56 percent of adults living in California said the state should legalize the use of marijuana, while only 42 percent opposed the idea. The results of that poll mirrored a CBS News poll conducted last month showing that 55 percent of adults in Western states supported legalization, while 41 percent opposed it.

Mr. Obama has in the past expressed his opposition to legalizing marijuana.

Read full story here.


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