Marijuana and Dogs are More Dangerous than Assault Rifles…Duh!

By now most of you have seen the video that blew up recently, showing a Missouri SWAT team busting into someones home and killing their dogs.

You’ll notice that when the kids are being forced out of the house – after a bit of gun play – one of the cops says “You’re fine.” If by fine he means “I didn’t shoot you yet,” I guess he’s right. When the guy on the ground asks what is going on, the cops say “Narcotics Search Warrant.” Well hell, I thought I was watching a documentary on the invasion of Iraq. To be fair to the cops, maybe these people were manufacturing WMD’s just before they got there.

But it was all worth it:

“A similar incident occurred on Feb. 11 in Columbia, Missouri, resulting in the death of one dog and the shooting of another during a raid on the home of Jonathan Whitworth, who police suspected of selling marijuana. Police stormed into his house and immediately opened fire on the dogs, before they realized that there was a 7-year-old child in the house.  A grinder, a pipe, and a small amount of marijuana were found, but no evidence of distribution.”

See? A small amount of marijuana, some barking dogs, and a highly-dangerous alleged marijuana dealer have been taken care of. Oh, and some kids have been scarred for life. All-in-all, a good day for the SWAT.

Beyond all my sarcasm, an obvious question lingers: “What the fuck are we doing?” The police suspected this man of dealing weed, so they bust into his house, guns blazing? Are you serious right now, for real? People are treated like enemy combatants and animals are treated like armed lunatics.

But the cops weren’t done:

“Watch the video, keeping in mind that police later tried to charge Whitworth with child endangerment, as if having a little marijuana in the home is more dangerous to a child’s wellbeing than storming into their house with automatic weapons and killing their dogs.”

Shooting this guy’s dogs wasn’t enough, they wanted to take his kids away. Why didn’t they just bullets in their heads when they had a chance, then they wouldn’t have to worry about Mr. Whitworth being such a bad parent.

We are under siege everyday in this country, pinned in by our own government. When will we finally say, “Enough is enough?”

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One Response to “Marijuana and Dogs are More Dangerous than Assault Rifles…Duh!”
  1. SpAcE CoWbOy says:

    Those dogs didn’t deserve to die.

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