Couple Start Center for Marijuana Users

KIMBALL TWP. — A local couple has opened a medical marijuana compassion center, a gathering place they said is needed and a business that has township officials riled.

“There is a great need for this in our community. We have a lot of sick people,” said Jim Amsdill, who opened the Blue Water Compassion Center with his wife, Debra.

Jim Amsdill said the center opened in the Sawmill Commons, 4731 Lapeer Road, about two months ago.

He said the response has been overwhelming, with a few new patients stopping in each day.

“We didn’t realize the need was that bad. … we knew we had a problem here, but we never expected to see as much as we have,” he said.

The center is a gathering place for medical marijuana patients and caregivers, he said. They distribute information about medical marijuana and can assist people through the process of becoming registered with the state. A physician is expected to be brought onto the staff within a month.

The center also helps determine which strain of marijuana would best suit an individual patient’s needs and how it should be taken, Jim Amsdill said.

Read full story here.


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