Burning Plants

I recently reported on a story from Oklahoma about 32,000 marijuana plants being discovered. Now, I could sit here all day and discuss the stupidity of what happens after marijuana plants are discovered, but a few major points stand out to me.

First, the spectre of grown men and women, sworn to protect the citizenry, spending their weekend pulling plants out of the ground. People whose salaries are paid by our tax dollars, who need to be finding murders, rapists, pedophiles, arsonists…well, the list is very long. They have important jobs to do, but there they are, pulling up plants.

We spend a ton of money training men and women in the skills of law enforcement, and while many cops love to bust us with weed and make themselves look productive, I think most cops would rather be doing their job – making us safer – than worrying about what’s growing out of the dirt. They would rather use the skills they spend so much time trying to perfect; subduing suspects, shooting their firearm accurately and with cause, helping citizens take back their neighborhoods from criminal elements.

Or they could waste hours pulling weeds.

Beyond this, most of us know what happens to the marijuana after it’s confiscated – and after the corrupt among our officials have taken their cut of another person’s time and effort – it’s burned.

But it’s not burned for medicinal, or even recreational, reasons. It’s stacked high – pardon the pun – in a field and set ablaze. A plant that is used as medicine by millions of people every day – people who sometimes can’t afford their medicine – is destroyed in a bonfire of stupidity.

Imagine if we found a cure for HIV or Cancer; then we decided to take that cure, stack it up in a field, and set it on fire. Some might think we had lost our minds. But if that cure was deemed illegal by the powers that be, it would be destroyed, no matter how beneficial it was.

Now imagine a person in California – a qualified medical marijuana patient who uses cannabis to gain back the appetite that was taken from them by the chemotherapy treatments used to keep their deadly cancer at bay. It allows them to take nourishment, and take the pain. Now imagine this person being poor, as many in this country are. Sometimes they just can’t afford the medicine that is so necessary to their quality of life.

Now try to imagine a world where we don’t take much-needed medicine and set it on fire in a large field, and instead direct it to the people who need it, and who take it in a legally prescribed manner. Even in this era of lessened reefer madness, is that too much common sense to lay on some people?

*Originally written by The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.


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