Today’s the Day for Straight Talk

Proposition 19 shimmers out there like a dream to many. To some, it is a pipe-dream if you think we’re going to let the hippies have their way smoking their Marijuana. To people like me, who are over forty, in a way, we thought a day like this could never come. We’re so close; it’s … Continue reading

Why Meg Can’t Say ‘Know’

All of the problems of America could be summed up politically after watching last night’s debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. We’re at this point where money covers lies and passionate anger is a substitute for knowledge. Jerry Brown has his problems and he is a politician. That is being used as a detractor. … Continue reading

Confessions of a Trim Smoker

by Hayes Hemingway My experience as a prop 215 patient has taught me various ways of ingesting cannabis flowers but for a long time the part of the plant I smoked the most was the trim. Trim is short for trimmings or clippings and those are the leaves and bud fragments that fell off the … Continue reading

What if Karl Rove was for Prop.19?

We’re forty-two days away from Election Day in California. Maybe it is time we get aggressive. Let’s face it, Marijuana since the 1930’s, hasn’t been giving even break. Since the Secretary of the Treasury placed his nephew to be in charge of America’s Marijuana policy in 1937, WEED hasn’t had a chance. The American people have been fed lies, lies, and more lies. There have been presidential studies, universities’ experiments, tests done by the government, military, special projects invoked by governors, and they all come up with the same finds: Marijuana isn’t that bad for you. At least, it is not as bad as everyone has said it is. Marijuana is kept illegal by emotional, unreasonable arguments.

Well, maybe it time to fight back.

Dollars, Potheads and Beds

It is a felon to smoke Marijuana in Vegas. You can walk down Vegas Boulevard, The Strip, with a whore, exposed gun and a fifth of Jack, but if you have a roach in your pocket, you’re going to jail.

The powers that be in Vegas are scared of Marijuana. No lie. They think if gamblers are going to get high and not gamble. Stay in their rooms. Be distracted by all the neon and lights.

And that’s all they care about. While whores abound in Vegas on the streets and in the casinos, prostitution is illegal in Clark and Reno Counties, where the bulk of casinos are located. They found out when men didn’t bring their wives, they didn’t gamble as much. When prostitution was banned in the two cities; guys brought their wives and would spend more time gambling. No morality involved, just the bottom line.

One day when WEED is legal, the directors of Food and Beverage are going to wake-up to bar and restaurant tabs like they’ve never seen before. Vegas still hasn’t grasp the concept of Munchies.

The Week and the Strong in Review (August 27)

Its official…it is now getting darker before it will get light again. The drooping Summer Sun is spending less time with us, knocking some sense into that Sensimillan eco-alarm clock, in turn, causing the green sinewy thighs of Pot plants everywhere, to produce sweet, sweaty, moisture-dripping buds. In another month or so, the Indicas, those donkey-dongs of cannon-like flower tops will be ready for harvest. Then some weeks after that get your hand saws out because it’s now time to bring in your later blooming Sativas.

Starting around Mid-Rocktober, NorCal is gonna stink…like an Oakland Mega-Weed-warehouse during a power outage.

Some Friday Morning Hitz

As always, just a plea to stay focused for these upcoming months. The anti-Legalization side is going to attack Prop. 19 regarding driving stoned and of course, “What about the children?”

Today I’ll answer the driving question.

The guy in Michigan is worried about the impairment of the Marijuana driver. Fair question. Tell the anti-Legalization people that they are confusing alcohol with Pot. With alcohol, you get loaded and you crash your car. With Pot, you get loaded and you crash in your car, getting a solid five to six hours of sleep before waking up and going, “Where the fuck am I? Oh, yeah, my car.”

Mom Arrested For Pic of Baby with Bong

By: The $@bs A woman from central Florida is under arrest for posting a picture of her baby with a bong on Facebook. The nineteen-year-old was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after a Texas resident called Florida’s abuse hot line about the pic shown here . The woman turned herself in and was released … Continue reading

Weed Kit

by Hayes Hemingway This is what most people think of when they picture a weed kit, but from my perspective there’s only one item I see that a stoner truly needs, but rarely carries it with them at all times. My weed kit is more of a necessity kit, for marijuana smokers. I live in … Continue reading

herbalaire h2.1

Vaporizer Review: herbalAire H2.1

You can consume your herbs and spices in a variety of ways, but nothing compares to a good vapor delivery system. The general consensus amongst cannabis consumers elects the Storz & Bickel Volcano as the best and most efficient device for the mission, though, for some folks like myself, the $669.00 required to purchase the … Continue reading

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